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Living in the Heart of Munich

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the heart of munich, our hotel is hidden from the bustling crowds and yet so close to the hustle and bustle of a truly cosmopolitan city. Experience for yourself how peaceful our tastefully appointed suites are.

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"Bayerische Staatsoper" in the heart of Munich

Hotel an der Oper, just steps away from the Bavarian State Opera

The Bavarian State Opera simply must be experienced in person. No description will quite suffice.  The venue in itself is a showcase of fabrics, stone and marble. As you march toward the mezzanine, you sense an air of nobility and the ambience of an historic place. And we use the word “march” in its truest sense. You’ll know what we mean after your first visit. 

From the royal court pomp of the young Italian “Dramma per Musica” that transformed into a popular form of musical theatre, to the “Oppera Seria, the “Oppera Buffa” to the blend of traditional and modern found in the operas of today. 

“Opera for Everyone” has been described as “Musical theatre as a live experience” and, “Opera expands and condenses the dimensions of music.” Experience the Bayerische Staatsoper for yourself. 

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